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by Lara on August 12, 2012

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One month down at the new job!

I’m learning something new every day, making fewer stupid mistakes, learning all this legal mumbo-jumbo and feeling more and more confident about getting things done.  If I could just remember to do 2 spaces between sentences!  I’m doing it now to help develop the habit because seriously, it drives my boss crazy.  Apparently, every lawyer is a stickler for their own tiny details and mine is a total double space nazi.  No biggie though.  I got this.

One thing I haven’t gotten the hang of is work clothes and shoes.  My feet are covered in healing blisters from all those new shoes. I still have 2 pairs I’m terrified to wear because I’ve traumatized myself.

I thought I would be sitting at a desk all day but no.  I’m constantly up and down, running from office to office, from my cube to the printers plus, I’m on the entire floor of a highrise so… yeah, all over the place all the time.  I’m also downtown and want to try food at all the surrounding places and run errands on my lunch break.

I’ve come to the sad conclusion that heels are pretty much out of the question unless I know my boss will be out of the office for trial most of the day.  My day is a wee bit easier when he’s gone. I decided that if a pair of shoes aren’t comfortable the instant I try them on, I’m not buying them.  No more of this “they’ll stretch out” or “I can moleskine that rubby spot.”  I’m done with it.  I found 2 pairs of flats yesterday at Marshalls that felt like heaven the second I put them on.  They’re a brand called “Me Too”, are leather with grippy soles and I got them for $22 each when they’re normally $80.

I triple dog dare these shoes to hurt me!

Then, there’s personal style.  Those shoes really aren’t my true style but I HAD to get them. My aching feet are making me miserable.

I went so basic with my initial shopping – solid colored classic shapes – and I don’t feel like my true personality is really shining through.  I’ve also lost 10 pounds in the past 2 months and I’m down a size, so all those pencil skirts I got are a bit loose.  I’m not complaining… I just feel a little sloppy and a little boring. It’s all very work appropriate and I don’t feel out of place at all.  I just feel like I’m pretending… or I’m not being authentic.  There’s a whole mess of funkiness these fools have yet to see!  I still do my cat eyes and my hair is always a wild mess so that’s working for me.

It’s silly but there’s this girl I work with whose style I really admire.  I’ve been studying her choices… longer cardigans, rolled sleeve blazers, slim pants, funky patterned blouses… I’m really feeling her look and I’m taking notes.  I own all of these things, it’s just a matter of putting it all together.  Fall is way more inspiring to me than disgusting sweaty Summer.  I get up in the morning, look at the weather report and just aim to not be a sweaty mess.

I also need to tap into my jewelry collection and play with accessories more.

I got these slim grey ankle pants, which are a bit longer on me since I’m short.  It’s amazing how myself I felt in these, opposed to the wider leg trousers I’ve been sporting.  Those make me feel a bit older than I want to feel.

$25 and in a ton of colors

Wider legs are super trendy for Fall too though.  Really, I think we’ve gotten to the point where everything is in style these days.  I got my first September issue (ELLE) yesterday and I’ve devoured it for ideas.  Inspiration was desperately needed.

I can’t wait to unleash the layers, texture and my own personality this Fall!

So, how do YOU show your personality in your boring office wear?



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by Lara on May 16, 2012

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  • So Terra is so crazy awesome! I watched her kitties for 10 days while she was in London, Paris and Sweden & she brought me back treats!

  • I saw this lil tutorial on false lashes and picked some up this week. I got the full length short natural strips like in that post and cut them in half, gluing them on the outer corners. LOVE fake lashes!!!

  • Completely obsessed with these shoes by Heavy Machine. I can’t stop thinking about them and everything I would wear them with. All of their shoes are just incredible works of art.

  • Okay… our apartment is as done as it’s gonna get BUT we still need a new sofa (and I’d love a bar cart). HOLY COW sofas are so expensive! This is my dream sofa shape, but in leather (cream or tan). The wedding may get postponed.

  • Thinking outside the box, this is a tool cart that can double as a bitchin’ bar cart for just $114! This would go great in my place and I love the drawer for bar tools, napkins and fancy drink sticks!

  • I’m still running!!! OMG! My endurance is getting better… slowly. About 20 years ago, I jumped off a flight of stairs and broke my left foot and man oh man it hurts like hell when I run. Actually, it hurts when I’m walking to cool down after I run. If I start running again, it stops hurting. Weird. So, I need to go to a running store and get some special insert for my left sneaker. Ugh. But I’m still running! I’m getting up at 6:30 and I’m still running!



by Lara on March 15, 2012

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I had a rough day.

When I checked the mail and had my coupon for a free Sephora birthday gift, I knew I was hitting the mall after work for some retail therapy.

I ran into Forever 21 for the first time in about a year and also picked up two cute tops and 2 sets of 4 wood/plastic bangles.

bangles – $6.80 a set

Brush Stroke Top – $17.80

Colored Floral Top – $17.80

I’ve been trying to collect woven tops that aren’t made of t-shirt fabric, since it just doesn’t wear well. They look more put together, wash well and are just as comfortable.

The floral is really out of my comfort zone but I love it! The Love21 line at F21 is a bit more grown up, better quality and more reasonably sized. My ridiculous rack makes my chest 40″ and I fit in a medium perfectly, but these tops are a bit boxy… which makes your hips and tummy look slimmer. It’s a win win.

A few weeks ago I got these Seychelles on clearance at DSW for $20!! I can’t wait to pair them with the flower top!

Oh! That Fresh Sugar lip treatment is really nice! So many chicks rave about it so I was excited. It has a little medicinal scent when you put it on but that goes away quickly. I also don’t feel the need to reapply constantly. It is $22.50 for a full-size though. That’s pretty major when I can get EOS lipbalm for $4 which is also natural, just no tint.

Are you getting excited for Spring? Get anything for warm weather yet?


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by Lara on March 12, 2012

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  • Roku! My parents are in the dark ages. They don’t have cable TV (don’t want it) and finally got high speed internet so… I got my mom a Roku. If you have a wireless router and fast interwebs, you simply plug this little device in, plug it into your TV and set it up with the remote. Mom has been accessing Netflix instant view like a maniac on her TV. We haven’t played with all the other things you can watch on it yet like Hulu and Amazon instant.

$50 + free shipping on the non-HD model

  • Slowly and painfully narrowing down some wedding plans. No date set yet. We briefly considered getting married on a cruise ship and making that our honeymoon as well but D’s parents saw nothing awkward about coming along ON OUR HONEYMOON. I almost had an anxiety attack. Actually, it was probably a full blown attack that just stretched out over a week. We finally decided that we’ll have something TINY here, they can come (they insist on seeing us get married), they will stay in a hotel, we’ll have a nice dinner and cake somewhere and then we’ll go on our honeymoon within a month. Spring of next year? So much for eloping. Compromise is a bitch.

Hello cutest cake in the whole world! I’m planning on getting a girl I know, Amanda of Sweet Fix, to make something similar but smaller!


  • I did order this dress (one size smaller to motivate me to get my ass in shape! D never clicks on anything so, I’m not putting the pic up!)
  • I got $25 off from DSW for my b-day and picked up these cute little orange sandals. I’m pretty stoked about adding some color to my wardrobe! They’re so comfy!


  • One of my favorite bloggers (Up in the Air) lost everything in a three-alarm apartment fire this past Friday, including her precious kitty Stella. I’m sooo heartbroken for her. She’s a resilient lady and all of her things can be replaced but not Stella. Send her some good wishes!



party shoes

by Lara on December 12, 2011

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New Years Eve is approaching fast. Are you going out? I still have no idea what we’re doing. We went out to a fancy dinner last year and I passed out on the couch. Year before last, we walked around the neighborhood drinking champagne, witnessed a car accident and made it back in time for the ball to drop. I hope I do something this year worth dressing up for!

I’m not big on ultra formal shoes. My sparkly silver strappy numbers have only been worn once and that’s such a waste. My feet would also freeze in them this time of year. Here are some picks for New Years celebrating that will keep your toes warm and can also be worn the rest of winter!

Check out Macy’s for more great party shoes!

Nine West Riddleme Pumps

These would pretty much go with anything and can take you to the office as well.

Bestey Johnson Sydnee Flats – in other colors

Gold flats with a fancy metal flower! These could be your spare switch-out shoes when heels start to kill your feet. They’ll also go with everything!

INC International Concepts Gallia Booties

I want some red booties so badly! These would look great with skinnies and a fluffy sweater after your celebrating is done.

Nine West Delly Booties

I’m not big on sequins but c’mon! These are fabulous, plus that sturdy heel and small platform mean you’ll get a lot of wear out of them.

Boutique 9 Victorie Pumps – also in black suede

I adore this shape heel. It’s so modern.

What are you doing/wearing for New Years Eve?