Broad Appetit

by Lara on June 3, 2012

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This Sunday was the 5th year of Broad Appetit, a food festival in Richmond where local restaurants have small plates for $3 each for you to try new things. I love this festival so much!A few blocks of Broad Street are blocked off, with bands at each end and booths on both sides of the median and small plates are my fave!

I didn’t get pics of our watermelon lemonade, mint limeade, my big ole sweet tea or the coffee braised beef sandwich David got.

Thai chicken on a stick!

mural by Argentinian artist Jaz, from the G40 Art Summit

steamed bun with pork belly from Sticky Rice – David’s favorite

grilled oysters from Lady N’awlins Cajun Cafe – my favorite of the day

pimento fritters with a sweet sauce from Mezzanine (were cold in the middle but still good)

puppy break!

scallion pancake Korean fusion madness

spicy shrimp and grits from Mansion five 26

All in all we had a good time. I wanted a dessert but nothing was grabbing me this year. I passed up a watermelon basil popsicle early on and didn’t go back. Regrets!


+ & –

by Lara on April 24, 2012

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  • Today is my bff Jen’s 33rd b-day! Happy Birthday Jen! I miss you!!!

  • Friends and great food! Sunday after the craft show, Carly and I went out to eat. We had no idea where to go and suddenly picked Arcadia just walking past it. Crab cakes and Bellinis for brunch? Hell yes! Then on Monday my friends Meg, Sarah, Jess and I went to Secco Wine Bar for “flight night” where you can let the bartender pick 3 wines. We also ordered a ridiculous amount of small plates and shared it all. It was wonderful!

  • Working on the new painting was great. I liked having a project to keep me busy and off the internets a bit. Since the sections were so large, it went pretty fast. This is how I paint – on my bed, canvas in my lap, flipping it around as needed, hunched over with my favorite teeny angled brush:

  • I made my own pesto for the first time. Spinach, basil, walnuts, olive oil, lemon juice, garlic, parmesan, S&P – all in the food processor. It was delicious and made a ton. I put most of it in an ice cube tray in the freezer then a bag for single servings!

  • I had never watched Mad Men but some of my fave ladies are into it so mom and I watched all 4 seasons on Netflix like mad women and I’m all caught up and watching new episodes on Sunday. Mom says I’m a total Joan but I really like Peggy. They’ve both been kicking so much ass this season!

  • I’ve been hitting up the Marshall’s near my parents’ house about 3 times a week lately. It’s ridiculous but I’ve started Christmas shopping! I also picked this dress up for myself yesterday! $20!

  • This isn’t really a negative but, I’ve been weaning myself off my anti-anxiety meds (generic Celexa) for the past week or so. I wrote about my anxiety in January. Four months ago, I said that I never wanted to get off of them but I was definitely going to have to be off for at least 6 months before thinking about getting pregnant. No, no babies in the immediate future… yet! It just felt like a good time to see where I was without it. I’m not experiencing any withdrawal side effects, but there are many I could feel. I went from 20mg a day to 10 for a week and now 5 this week. So, here’s to hoping things have regulated in my brain!


craft show

by Lara on April 17, 2012

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It’s been a super long time since I’ve been to a craft show. My mom and her friend used to make fancy wreaths and sell them at various shows at schools, dragging me along when I was younger. My mom also made a lot of little things like quilted chicken shaped baskets to keep your dinner rolls in (???) and cat pillows (!!!) and sold them at local shops back in the day. Crafting and sewing have always surrounded me but I haven’t gone to a big show since my mom got so sick that she couldn’t come along too.

The Richmond Craft Mafia throws the Spring Bada-Bing show (and a Christmas one) every year and this past Sunday Carly and I went. It was my first time going and I’m so ashamed I haven’t supported this event in the past. It was awesome! It was like an etsy explosion… not your grandma’s craft show for sure.

The venue (Plant Zero) is full of artists’ studios, a cafe and a gigantic space that was perfect.

Unfortunately, I didn’t bring my camera but I grabbed a ton of vendors’ cards so I’ll highlight some of my faves here.

First off, when I saw this table, I gasped.

Thanks for the pic Carly!

I have been wanting one of Robin’s figurines for years. She disappeared on etsy for a while so there was no hesitation in grabbing a piece. (Mine is the blue bird baby planter, already in my hallway.)

The Runny Bunny

Fisticuffs Leather

No two bracelets are alike – all made from repurposed leather. This is the one I got, made from a Fossil bag-

metamorphosis metals

Monkey Dog Studio

The New Woodsman

etsy shop

Hand cast resin & pigment antlers

Modern Atelier

SO many scents! Singular notes like Demeter too, last longer!

Cephalopod Ink Ceramics

Mood Swing Studio

Milk and Honey

she does custom work as well


She will do a custom print of a fave family recipe!

Zouzou’s Basement


inedible jewelry

There were sooo many great vendors. I didn’t get cards for everyone and I know I’m forgetting some more great things. Carly got this pic of the awesome terrariums.

Everyone was incredibly nice and friendly! I also met a reader of my blog, which totally made my day! Hi R! :D

Did you go to the show? What did you get?


+ & –

by Lara on April 9, 2012

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  • Heyooo! Hope everyone had a great Easter weekend. Mine was peaceful. We went to Easter on Parade on Monument Ave. It’s a block away and it’s a carnival setting on the median. Everyone walking around for blocks both ways with their dressed up dogs and Easter bonnets are the parade. I had an Italian sausage and soft serve with sprinkles and saw a purple poodle.

  • So, David wants to go skydiving on his 30th birthday in May, which means I will be skydiving in May! I’ve never even been on a plane before (I know, I know)… and now I’ll be jumping out of one. We’re going tandem with pros so yeah. I’m not even scared… yet.
  • My city is hosting the G40 Art Summit this year, which means we’re getting 15 gigantic murals painted on the sides of buildings all over town, near my neighborhood. Sweet.

  • I’m getting the itch to do another painting for the apartment. This is my copycat idea:

It took forever to source this image and the artist but I finally found out it’s Stephen Ormandy – from Vogue Living Australia via

Here’s a better pic I found:


  • I reorganized my shoes, got a rack out of my closet, added it to the hallway and put all my boots away for Summer. D has the last rack and an extra shelf. This is getting ridiculous.



  • We tried rearranging the furniture in the bedroom and it was impossible with what we have to work with. If we can get a singular long dresser, it can happen. Do we need one? No. Do I want one? Yes.


all done!

by Lara on December 25, 2011

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Christmas is over!

Isn’t it ridiculous, all the planning, thoughtfulness, errand running, generosity and  cheer… then the stress sets in… and you’re so happy it’s all over? I managed to survive with only one meltdown!

I hope everyone’s holiday was happy. Things were great around here.

Last Christmas was on a weekday and since I spend weekdays taking care of my mom, David and I opened presents at midnight. I was hoping to do a normal Christmas morning opening of gifts this year but at 9pm on Saturday, we both lost all control. We’re friggin adults and adults get to do what they want, right? Damn right!

So yeah! Presents! Then on Christmas morning I got up early while he was still in bed, got restless and went to my parents’ house earlier than planned. I spent about 4 hours there, picked up Chinese food (best idea ever!) and chowed down with them, brought more presents home & Chinese for the bf, took a long bath, watched tv and took it easy. Then we went for a walk.

a Christmas peacock!

alley cat

indoor cat


Plans for Monday are hitting up Target and Wal-Mart for some after Christmas clearance shopping. I need more bows, tags & tissue paper.

So… onto the good stuff!

My fave gifts from mom were those brown leather boots and a train case for my make-up. (Finally! I had been putting it off but the cat keeps knocking my stuff over, in the middle of the night, of course.) The boots gave me a wicked blister on our walk but they need to be broken in eventually.

From David, I got the Emjoi Micro-pedi foot buffer thing (love love this!), an ice cream maker (plus a mini pie maker from his sis – they’re trying to kill me!)… and apparently, a few other things didn’t get here on time. Drats!

What did you do and what did you guys get for Christmas!!??