party shoes

by Lara on December 12, 2011

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New Years Eve is approaching fast. Are you going out? I still have no idea what we’re doing. We went out to a fancy dinner last year and I passed out on the couch. Year before last, we walked around the neighborhood drinking champagne, witnessed a car accident and made it back in time for the ball to drop. I hope I do something this year worth dressing up for!

I’m not big on ultra formal shoes. My sparkly silver strappy numbers have only been worn once and that’s such a waste. My feet would also freeze in them this time of year. Here are some picks for New Years celebrating that will keep your toes warm and can also be worn the rest of winter!

Check out Macy’s for more great party shoes!

Nine West Riddleme Pumps

These would pretty much go with anything and can take you to the office as well.

Bestey Johnson Sydnee Flats – in other colors

Gold flats with a fancy metal flower! These could be your spare switch-out shoes when heels start to kill your feet. They’ll also go with everything!

INC International Concepts Gallia Booties

I want some red booties so badly! These would look great with skinnies and a fluffy sweater after your celebrating is done.

Nine West Delly Booties

I’m not big on sequins but c’mon! These are fabulous, plus that sturdy heel and small platform mean you’ll get a lot of wear out of them.

Boutique 9 Victorie Pumps – also in black suede

I adore this shape heel. It’s so modern.

What are you doing/wearing for New Years Eve?


summer shoes

by Lara on March 1, 2011

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Baby grass is washing over people’s yards, daffodils are pushing through, trees are budding. We were teased with a few beautiful warm days, it got cold again, but I’m sure that the groundhog was right. We’re in for an early Spring!

Now let’s talk about what’s really important – SHOES!

None of the shoe trends for SS2011 are making me want to hunt down affordable options. I feel like I have my bases covered so well for warm weather that it would be obscene to buy another pair but of course, I have an obscene problem with shoes. Maybe it’s just too early. I did get those sandals but, they’re not especially trendy. Have you seen any particular style you MUST add to your wardrobe?


Flatforms- No. Not happening. No way. No how. Except for a year from now when I suddenly think they’re wonderful and can’t find them anywhere. I can see how they would be great with longer skirts and wider pants.

Medium height block heels- I’m not a fan of this shape. The cone heeled sandals I just got will do the trick.

Crazy colorful shoes- Mixed colors, blocks of color, neon, sherbet… COLOR!!! These are the only wildly colored shoes I have. That’ll do pig.

Highly decorative ankle straps- I’ll have to see what’s out there bu they’re not at the top of my radar.

Ribbons & ankle ties- I have 2 pair that do the trick close enough. This was at the bf’s sister’s wedding. I’ve had these shoes for over 10 years, along with a black/white/grey pair. I think I paid $7 for each on clearance and they’re super comfortable and versatile.

Gigantic wedges- My favorite style of heel ever! If you want to hop on the wide-leg pants/long skirt trend, you need some heavy shoes to balance things out. I would like a pair of edgy solid black ones but nothing has made we swoon yet, within my price range. Here’s what I have:

Flat sandals- The gladiators won’t go away and the ones you have from 2 years ago are still in, but things are starting to shift to horizontal cage effects, laces down the middle, and intricate cutouts. I’m not going to worry about flat sandals one bit. When I need some, I can pick up a pair for $15, destroy them over the summer, and not blink an eye.

Oxfords- They don’t seem to be going anywhere. I’m still on the hunt for something perfect but I’m not too keen on my feet sweating in the heat.

Clogs- Yup, still out there. Not for me.

There’s always espadrilles, snake skin, super strappy, etc. Also, elastic banding, wide bands, GOLD, and double strap Mary Janes are going to be popular.



Phillip Lim

Christian Dior – I know I know, screw Galliano, but these shoes are going to be micro-trendsetters.


Doo.Ri (I really really love these)

Miu Miu

Nicholas Kirkwood for Rodarte


Dries van Noten – Lanvin has been doing these squishy straps for a while and they look comfy.

$49.95 also in a graphic b&w (which is also a major trend)


$49.95 also in black

$49.95 also in black and white

$59.95 also in brown – this style is on all the cheap-o sites

$74.95 also in black, cream, teal and orange

$69.95 also in brown

$69.95 love this mint – also in grey and nude

$49.95 also in black


$79.95 also in cognac

$59.95 also in brown



What are you hoping to add to your shoe wardrobe this summer?


sensible heels

by Lara on February 25, 2011

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I can’t believe it. I bought sensible heels!

Last Tuesday, while the bf was at the dentist, I went to the nearby DSW and perused. I actually took a pair to the register but the checkout chick was on her cell, never even made eye contact with me and left me standing there like a chump for a few. I hate shit like that. HATE IT! I put them back and left. Like, “take that DSW and your crap service! You’re not getting my money!”

Well, I couldn’t get the damn shoes off my mind and went back today and bought them, only to experience a new wave of horrible service. I actually went looking for the manager only to find that the new horrible was the manager. I’m writing to corporate about this. Seriously. Anyhow, they were still there and I bought them.

They’re Etienne Aigner, always an old-lady brand in my mind, but I love them! The sole is rubbery for getting around, they’re grey suede with wingtip details, and under the holes are subtle sparkles (you can’t see in my bad pic). They looked great with skinnies and a modern slouchy sweatshirt. Only $25 on clearance!

My birthday is coming up and if you don’t already know, my mom is disabled with MS and used to be a shopping maniac. You have no idea. It used to be our favorite pastime – a day of shopping, a movie, lunch, dinner… She’s the most generous person I know and I have to tell her “no” to things constantly but for holidays, she gives me a rough budget (that I never meet) to shop for myself. I grabbed 2 other pairs of sensible summer heeled sandals while I was there. I can’t have these until my b-day.

It still blows my mind that I picked these out but I think I’m wising up to this whole comfortable heel thing. These will be endlessly versatile for a long time to come. Loving the cone heel.

Franco Sarto – Upmost Sandal

I think the thing that bugs me about shorter heels is that they have always kinda seemed old to me… like what an older lady wears when she can’t handle the sky high heels anymore. It was almost like admitting defeat. Well, I can’t handle the sky high heels anymore for days I need to walk a lot either! Maybe I was numbed by booze back in the clubbing days, or it was stubbornness of form over function but a few years ago, I could walk 30 blocks, dance all night and it wouldn’t phase me until the next day, but I was too hungover to care.

I don’t always want to rely on ballet flats, flat sandals, flat boots, or sneakers on the days that require a bit of walking. It always makes me feel more casual than I want to be. I also don’t want to feel like my feet are in a vice and have to hobble to my car and have random aches all over the next day when I wear crazy heels.

So many bloggers are embracing this heel height. I’ve been watching them for years elevating their outfits to being a wee bit more dressed up and I’ve envied that subtle difference. If I see something long enough, it starts to grow on me. Is it maturity? Saturation? I don’t know. I’m ready to be cute and comfortable though!

What are your thoughts?


more boot lust

by Lara on November 9, 2010

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I just can’t help myself but drool over these two pairs of pricey pricey boots. Sigh.

Oh that color! Balenciaga

Reminiscent of the AW2006 Balenciaga harness ankle boots (and the Sam Edelman Zoe Boot knockoffs) that everyone went mad over. Topshop


+ & –

by Lara on October 28, 2010

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  • Oh dear I love these shoes called the Robot by Ruthie Davis for Dennis Basso ss2011!! (via)

  • I finally brought my sewing machine, box and spool holder from my parent’s house! I never thought we had the space here but I made space. My mom kept her machine in a closet and just sewed at the kitchen table when I was kid. That’ll do! I need to be able to work on projects here in the evening or I will go crazy. Sewing is the only craft hobby I’ve stuck with since I was a kid. Now… do I need an adjustable dress form?
  • Hey! If you like edgy fashionable DIY projects, you should be reading Outsapop. Really. Would I wear these feather shoulder epaulettes? Hell yes I would!


  • Soooo Marie Claire posted an article about how people feel uncomfortable watching overweight people on TV kissing or whatever. It got a bit cruel, garnered a TON of pissed off comments and media attention, and the author had to update and apologize (weakly). There has been a lot of fat-acceptance talk on the blogs lately and I think it’s great. NO, it’s not great to be unhealthy but it is great to not hate yourself because of how you look. I think some of the anti-fat-acceptance comments have been missing this point. It’s not “Yay fat! I love fat! Let’s all love fat!” It’s about still being strong and confident when you’ve put on some poundage. Appearance and self-worth are two completely different things that a lot of people get confused in darker moments, including myself. Something about morbid obesity that makes me incredibly sad though: Every morning when I commute like clockwork, I see a very large woman with a few small children about to cross 4 lanes of traffic to get to the school bus stop. The children dart across the road and she has a terrible time keeping up with them. I think about how she probably can’t play with her children as much as they would like, and how tired she must feel all the time. Growing up with a disabled parent, I can empathize with the kids.