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by Lara on March 16, 2014

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+&-This whole post is a roller coaster

  • It’s starting to look like my dad won’t be building my house.  I’m actually not that upset about this.  First off, we won’t know 100% for another week or so.  The surveyor was told by the city that his rough plan looked great and to submit the finalized version.  Then the city rejected it for the 3rd time last week, asking for some more drainage calculations (was told to just take a wild guess by a city official.)  So, the surveyor did what he was supposed to do and submitted it again and we’ll find out soon if it’s good enough to get the seal of approval to break ground.  My father and I are so completely sick of the whole thing and agreed that if they don’t accept this last plan, we give up and he’s just going to sell the lot and be done with it… and I will start looking for a house again.  I mean, seriously, this has been going on for months.  There are a few reasons I’m not totally bummed. 1) the location wasn’t 100% doing it for me but was tolerable 2) my dad likes to start things and not finish them and doesn’t like to explain things when I ask questions so, I’ve had some anxiety 3) I still wasn’t 100% sure how everything was going to be financed since it wouldn’t be a conventional mortgage and there were all sorts of conflicts with the 1st bank we talked to from this being done by family for family 4) my dad bought this lot before I even started thinking about buying a house, it’s not my problem.
  • I’ve already started looking at houses again.  I’ve eliminated a few more neighborhoods and added some, driving around after work and this weekend, checking things out.  My dad wants me to get something super cheap that needs a lot of work and frankly, I don’t want that hassle and further expense (some things are within reason).  I’m buying what I want.
  • If my house isn’t built by my dad, I’m out a bit of money. I still have to pay the surveyor.  My dad is going to raise hell and try to get a refund for the application from the city (doubtful) and get the sets of plans back.  The plans cost a fortune but; I may be able to sell them on eBay.  I can return my house numbers to Lowes and I’ll keep the 3 sets of faucets I bought to possibly replace in the house I do get (or sell later).   Everything else I bought was just decorative stuff that I’ll still need/use.
  • I did my taxes and had to pay $100 (I have less taken out every pay check) but I get evaluated in a month and will definitely get a raise.
  • My firm is moving to completely renovated 20th and 21st floors this Summer. It’s been a whirlwind of scanning old crap into the system and shredding and consolidating. Everyone was promised their own office and then I found out all the assistants may just get glorified fancy cubes.


  • Living alone has really satisfied my hermit tendencies. I’ve turned into a day person.  I’ve only had 2 drinks in 2 weeks.  I have barely seen anyone outside of work and my dad the past few weeks.  I’m not complaining.  I’m saving a ton of money and I really don’t like many people. Ha!
  • I started that new painting with gusto and then stopped.  It’s been staring at me in my living room for over a month now and has become my personal shame.
  • One of those interesting people I went on a date with but felt nothing for turned into a sub-tweeting, passive aggressive facebooking, guilt-tripping fool because I don’t want to see him again.  Just because I don’t feel a connection with you doesn’t mean I’m a terrible person.  Also, desperation in a man is a HUGE turnoff.
  • Movies on demand at night are my thing right now.  Last night I watched Singles again for the first time in over 10 years.  Still relevant.  Still amazing.
  • It’s Sunday night and True Detective isn’t coming on.  How amazing was that show? Rust Cohle is pretty much my dream man.

Rust Cohle

  • I wore nothing but black/white/grey/touch of red or yellow for 2 weeks for the hell of it and felt really comfortable and put together.  I’m completely obsessed with this crepe blouse I got at Target and would wear it every day if I could.


  • I’m growing my hair out again, all one length. It’s to my chin now and about to enter the shitty stage. Not looking forward to it.
  • Why is everyone losing their mind over the new “Cosmos”? Did we not all grow up with NOVA on PBS? This is for kids!
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