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by Lara on March 3, 2014

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It’s a snow day so I’m eating ravioli in my jammies on my sofa, watching a Sex and the City marathon.

My ex used to ask me if I was watching my “sluts.”  Sure am motherfucker! I’m a Samantha – always have been.  Weeeee!! The sluttiest one of them all!

All this “slut” action and the slut-shaming I experienced for the first time in my life last week, and the constant slut-shaming I’ve been seeing on Facebook lately have me fired the hell up.

Yep,  I got inadvertently slut-shamed by a guy who really thought he was an outstanding dude.  We were talking about kink – one of my favorite subjects – and he informed me that because he was “raised by women” he knew “how to treat women” and therefore couldn’t partake in rough play.  People, this is a load of shit.  Just because I like a slap on the ass every now and then doesn’t mean I’m riddled with daddy issues, or a slut, or that rough play between two trusting consensual adults is a wrong way to treat a woman – a woman who wants it, asks for it and establishes the boundaries.

On Facebook this weekend, a friend of mine posted some list of man tips, saying it was “perfect.”  One of them was, “If she’s taken it up the ass by more than 3 people, she’s not marriage material.”  And SO many people were on board with this!  What the hell does that even mean? I mean, the way guys push and push to stick things up our asses, NOW we’re sluts for caving or heaven forbid, actually enjoying it?

I have never seen so many man-children absolutely paralyzed with fear because they can’t handle a woman who likes what she likes and lives on her own terms.  So, when you’re afraid or intimidated, you  make assumptions to make yourself feel better, lash out and say nasty things about people whose story you don’t even know… and women are just as guilty of this as men.

I’m making it a point to rage against this!  I hope you do too!


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